PhD Defence Photography

by Benoît Viguier

After years of research, it is now time for you to defend your Thesis. It may be a daunting moment, but also one of the most liberating of your academic career.

High quality pictures of your thesis Defence will allow you to remember this moment and share it with your family, relatives and friends.

I know how important this event is for you. I do not use flash and my camera is silent in order to be as discreet as possible. This will allow you to solely focus on the task at hand.


Past Defences


Dr. Joost Rijneveld


Dr. Kenta Cho


Dr. Joost Renes


Dr. Lukazs Chmielewski


Dr. Louiza Papachristodoulou


Dr. Petra van den Bos


Details of the princing and deliverables can be found here.

About me

PhD Candidate & Photographer


Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Benoît, I completed my PhD in Computer Sciences at Radboud University and I am now a cryptographer at ABN AMRO. Aside from this main occupation, I’m also a part-time photographer.

Originally from France, I came to The Netherlands about 5 years ago for my doctoral studies. I have been living in Nijmegen since then. While I do understand a bit of Dutch, I can’t speak it fluently yet.

On my free time, I do ballroom dancing (stijldansen). With my dance partner, we got 2nd place in C-class at the last NK in November 2021 and got promoted in A-class. Also part of the DSV Sway of Life ballroom Formation team, we competed at two NK in Almere and got into the finals of the WK in Moskow.


Should you have questions or inquiries, you can contact me.
WhatsApp: +31 6 30 60 72 82

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